TRADE – SA crashes in competitive rankings, now ranks behind Rwanda

JOHANNESBURG — South Africa is not only falling behind the rest of the world, but also behind several African countries. The latest WEF Global Competitiveness Report paints a damning picture of South Africa, which has dropped a mammoth 14 places to find itself ranked 61 out of 137 countries in the world.1 This is the lowest ranking for South Africa since the WEF started measuring competitiveness in 2007. What will hurt even more is that Rwanda is now ranked higher than South Africa. It’s a sad indictment on infrastructure-rich South Africa that a ‘friendly dictatorship’ like Rwanda now ranks ahead of the country. For many years already, Mauritius has already been Africa’s most competitive country. The gap between Mauritius and South Africa is now becoming ever wider – the only hope for South Africa is wholesale political change. – Gareth van Zyl

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