SAPPO Weekly Update

Week 23 (2021)

In the News – Unrest

How is the unrest in KZN affecting pork producers?

Myles van Deventer, Baynesfield, Pietermaitzburg
“We had major challenges. Frey’s abattoir, the biggest abattoir in KZN situated in Cato Ridge, was vandalised and luted this week.”

Boykie Mogase, SAPPO assistant business development manager in KZN
“The situation can lead to welfare issues, especially if feed runs out and farmers cannot access feed.”

Dr Edgar Ortmann, Howick Veterinary Clinic
“I have grave concerns for the many people who could face starvation in the next few weeks. This could aggravate the present situation if the government does not intervene in time to prevent the humanitarian and animal health disaster crisis that is looming.”
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