SAPPO Weekly Update

Week 1 (2021)


Printed Porcus will continue

Thank you to all who participated in our survey to update Porcus’ address list. About 90% of the respondents indicated that they still want to receive the printed version. You will remain on Porcus’s mailing list. 
In light of the feedback, SAPPO will continue producing four printed issues of Porcus as from next year. We are investigating new ways to distribute the magazine to ensure that you receive the publication sooner in future. We are also investigating introducing a brand-new digital SAPPO magazine later this year. If this is well received, we will produce two issues per year as from 2022.

As not all digital platforms display electronic messages in the same way, SAPPO recommends that you read our digital publications online. This will ensure that you view our newsletters as it should display.