October 2019

Exports to the East possible but complicated negotiations involved

Johann Kotzé, CEO of SAPPO, visited Vietnam and Indonesia the past weeks to explore export opportunities. Yes, there are export possibilities for us, but it is a complicated process and bilateral trade agreements and negotiations play a huge role. Read more

Webinar on ASF shows SA is on the forefront of knowledge about the disease

Johann Kotzé, CEO of SAPPO participated in an international ASF webinar this week. Experts from around the world logged in and shared knowledge about the disease. “It was clear that South Africa knows a lot about ASF. We have been there and first handedly experienced all aspects of the disease. It is also clear that our bio-security measures are world class,” he says.

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Well-known economist, Prof Johan Willmse will in future write a column on the economy in every SAPPO News. His first column deals with the pork profit drivers in the new year There are a few important aspects that will be critical for a positive business environment in 2020. 

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Strategic think tank session and digital update for SAPPO

Johann Kotzé and Marieta Human spent Thursday at 24.com, the digital division of Media24, to be updated about the latest trends in digital communication. They also received information on how consumers in a certain category can be accurately targeted through the latest technology and insights gained from their previous behaviour about a specific brand.
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DAFF graduates making a difference at Baynesfield Training Academy

The Baynesfield Training Academy (BTA) was opened in June 2012 with the purpose of transferring industry knowledge to among others aspiring pig farmers, existing smallholder farmers and government officials. Kgadi Senyatsi of SAPPO tells more.

CS Vet's Pic of the Month

Congratulations to Joline van Zyl of Nova Feeds who is the winner of this month’s CS Vet Pic of the Month. A cash prize of R500 sponsored by CS Vet, as well as a goody bag from SAPPO, is on its way. Send your entries for our next issue to derick@greenpepper.biz.

Sarie is seventy, and soaring

The dyed-in-the-wool South African media title Sarie is celebrating its 70th birthday this year, and the number of consumers engaging with this high-quality source of information is still growing. Marieta Human of SAPPO attended a recent Sarie information session. Read more

CS Vet introduces new biosecurity grading system

CS Vet has introduced a new biosecurity grading system to assist producers to maintain high bio-security measures, said Dr Annie Labuscagne at this year’s CS Vet Farmers day. Farms will be given a star ranking according to how comprehensive their bio-security system is and how well it works. Read more

This software could make a difference

Despite the adversity that the South African pork industry has encountered in the last few years, our farmers have become more resilient and have managed to grow their businesses. Dr Caraleigh Stander discussed PigVision at CS Vet’s information day.
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How to preserve antibiotics

Dr Andrew Tucker discussed antibiotics at the CS Vet information day. He said that antibiotics have been used without humans knowing it since ancient times whether in the form of mouldy bread, plants, milk soured with frog bile or warm soil, all of which contained bacteria or moulds with antibacterial properties. 
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ASF: Don’t take any risk, think before you say yes

ASF, which is a serious issue in many countries at the moment, is caused by a virus. There is no vaccine and no treatment. Pigs that become infected die. Dr Peter Evans discussed ASF at CS Vet’s information day.

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In your latest Porcus

* Malu turns 50 * Your photographs taken at SAPPO’s AGM, our function for input suppliers and CS Vet’s information day. * Sow nutrition and its increasing importance during the transition period *  Studying back fat quality while verifying the South African pork classification system
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Derick wins Sanlam Gold

Derick van der Walt, editor of Porcus and SAPPO’s digital publications, won Sanlam Gold last night in Johannesburg for his new book Toring van Jasmyn. The book is a thriller that plays off in Istanbul, Turkey. There were 89 entries in three categories. This is Derick’s fourth Sanlam award.

Proud new home for Chemuniqué

Chemuniqué opened its new offices in Lanceria this week.
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AFMA Symposium discusses many topical issues

Mycotoxins, feed additives and feed additive science were in the spotlight.
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When fungi are no fun

Dr Caraliegh Stander of CS Vet says mycotoxins may be regarded as an undetectable enemy. It is often not visible to the naked eye and difficult to diagnose. Sampling errors creep in as the fungus may grow in pockets in the silo or storage bin making it easy to not sample the affected feedRead more

Hog Day makes us proud

Marguerite Schwarzer of PIC says that last week’s Hog Day in the Western Cape was again a highlight on the pig industry’s annual calendar. “PIC wants to congratulate all the presenters, local and international, the sponsors, the farmers, the staff and all participants that contributed to making this event a roaring success. We are blessed to have such valuable input from all around the globe,” she says.

MTBPS 2019: Agriculture left high and dry

Agri SA is disappointed with the Medium-term Budget Policy Statement (MTBPS) that was delivered by the Minister of Finance, Tito Mboweni in Parliament on Wednesday, the organisation said in a media statement.
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Agbiz reacts to MTBPS 2019

The key question now is how the rating agencies will receive this budget and the implications thereafter on the review of South Africa’s sovereign rating.
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Mboweni's medium-term budget in a nutshell

When Finance Minister Tito Mboweni presented his maiden budget in February, he brought a hardy aloe plant to Parliament and placed it on his lectern. The plant indicated that SA needed to ready itself for hard years ahead.
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‘I Love US Pork’ campaign launched in Mexico

The US Meat Export Federation launched a promotional campaign “I Love US Pork,” in Mexico.
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Philippines authorities seize smuggled pork from China

Customs officers in the Philippines have seized pork smuggled into the country from China.
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• Studying back fat quality while verifying the South African pork classification system
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Opens: South Africa (412), USA (19), Namibia (9), the Netherlands (5), Finland, France and the UK (4), Austria, Switzerland and Germany (2), Australia and Belguim (1)

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