May 2019


Africa has a huge export potential

Although China seems a logical choice to explore in terms of South African pork exports in the light of that country’s huge ASF problem, I believe that we have not yet explore the many opportunities in Africa enough. 

The North West University conducted a study on the pork export potential worldwide on behalf of SAPPO (see report below) and the findings are rather interesting.


SAPPO AGM & Conference 2019: Don’t miss this one!

SAPPO AGM & Conference 2019: Don’t miss this one!
The pork industry constantly needs new and useful insights to remain sustainable, competitive and profitable. By introducing new ways to collect, share, collaborate and analyse the ever-increasing amounts of data to the industry, SAPPO aims to provide intelligent business insights.


Bedryf gesels met die media oor ASF

Johann Kotzé op OFM: Afrika-varkpesvirus raak kleinboere, maar verspreiding daarvan word beperk

Johann Kotzé op OFM: Suid-Afrika se varkkuddes word beskerm ná uitbreking van Afrika-varkpes

Dr Pieter Vervoort op OFM: Betrokkenes hanteer Afrika-varkpesvirus in die Vrystaat


Pork exports still in the agenda

Trade Research Advisory (TRADE) at the North West University has conducted an investigation into export possibilities for the South African pork industry. TRADE has developed a scientific method to identify export opportunities for a company or industry. 

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Become a SAPPO member to vote for your representative

If you want to vote for your provincial representative on SAPPO’s executive council next year, you must be a member of the organisation. The closing date for membership applications is 30 June 2019. Here is the application form. Please send this to


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Strengthening the team (1)

Danie du Plessis has been appointed chairperson of SAPPO’s Audit and Risk Committee. He has been a director at PricewaterhouseCoopers for 33 years. He provided professional services to a variety of corporate and family-owned businesses. Since 30 June 2014 he serves as an independent director/trustee of several entities, acting as chairman of four audit and risk committees and providing non-audit services to various companies. 

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Strengthening the team (2)

Willie Miller is an industrial engineer, who spent the last 23 years in the banking sector. He will consult SAPPO on various matters. He served on FNB’s executive committee, responsible for the Private Banking division and also as CEO of the Business Banking division. He is chairman of FNB’S Agricultural Advisory Board. This role introduced him to agriculture. “When SAPPO invited me to join its board I could not resist,” he says. 

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New application for statutory levy

SAPPO applied for the continuation of the statutory levy. The organisation’s application is being considered by the National Agricultural Marketing Council. If approved, the statutory measures will be applicable until 31 October 2022.


Geared for the future

Training and team building remain a priority for the SAPPO staff, says CEO Johann Kotzé. Apart from valuable team building exercises, the staff received training on numerous matters recently.


The DRUM experience

SAPPO’s sponsorship of the magazine, DRUM’s, search for a food ambassador opened a lot of pork opportunities among a new generation. See how the final cook-off went.

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FMD: The battle is over, but the war continues

The Department of agriculture, forestry and fisheries (DAFF) has declared the end of the FMD outbreak, as there have not been any new cases since February, and more than three incubation periods have lapsed with no new cases being observed.


Cabinet 2019: Streamlining welcomed

Agri SA and Agbiz welcomed the new cabinet, but this is only the first step, the organisations said. Read the media statement of Agri SA and the one of Agbiz. Agri SA welcomes President Cyril Ramaphosa’s smaller, more streamlined cabinet, but now we need engagement with the new officials about policy issues that farmers face.


New on SAPPO's infohub

  • Breeding reduces environmental impact with 1% per year
  • China’s love of pork may not be enough
  • Hormel lawsuit reveals what ‘natural’ meat really means
    Africa’s first international agricultural technology exhibition on its way
  • Ailing pigs could be a boost for SA pharma industry
  • How are water licenses processed?
  • Trade talks have an influence on hog and wholesale market

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