June 2021

POPIA: SAPPO protects your personal information

As you may be aware, the South African Protection of Private Information Act (POPIA) came into effect on 1 July 2021. This Act was promulgated to ensure that your Constitutional rights in regard to the protection of your personal information are upheld by South African organisations that use that information in the course of delivering services to you. These rights include the right to know what information personal information is held by these organisations, as well as the right to update or delete your information and what the information is used for.
SAPPO appreciates that your personal information is valuable and appreciates the trust that you have placed in us by providing your personal information to us. We’d like to take this opportunity to assure you that we take all reasonable steps to protect your personal information and will not, except as is lawfully required, divulge that information to third parties. 

Where we use the services of other parties to process your information, we ensure that the processing of your information is only as part of delivering our services to you and that the service provider may not use your information for any other purposes. Should you wish to contact us in regards to any privacy-related matters, you are welcome to email us at or to contact our offices.