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SAPPO compartments to play a major role


“If one had any doubts that registering a pig farm as an official pig compartment was worthwhile, then the latest FMD outbreak should change producers’ minds,” says Dr Peter Evans, who heads consumer assurance at SAPPO.

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Task teams to soften the blow of FMD outbreak


A steering committee and three task teams were established on 14 January 2019 to soften the blow of the recent foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) outbreak in the Vhembe district.

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Trade team to communicate with SA’s trading partners


Dr Pieter Vervoort, chairman of the Animal Health Forum, who represents producer organisations on DAFF’s Steering Committee, said expectations were that South Africa’s meat trading partners would close their borders after the outbreak was announced and that the OIE would temporarily put South Africa’s FMD-free status on hold.

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Animal movement restricted in these areas


The technical task team appointed by the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry an Fisheries, Senzeni Zokwana, met on 16 January 2019 and shared information and advice.
The task team agreed on the following:

• To limit the area being vaccinated to make the long-term management of the disease easier, provided this does not compromise the disease control efforts.
• To increase police visibility.
• To provide feed for the affected villages in order to limit the movements and interactions of animals at grazing sites

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Invitation to attend/sponsor the 2019 Ensminger Pig Symposium

Everything you want and need to know about pig feeding, through to modern welfare techniques, and gene and genomic selection comes under the spotlight at the 2019 Ensminger Pig Symposium. This co-located event to the centenary anniversary of the Pig Breeders Society of South Africa (PBS) will be hosted for the first time in Africa in Gauteng from 22 to 23 May 2019.

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Its carnival time

Food Lovers Market’s annual Summer Carnival will start on Monday, 28 January and will end on Sunday 3 February. Pork will be the star of the show and it will be visible on television and in various publications.

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DRUM Food Ambassador project launches

The launch of the SAPPO sponsored Drum Food Ambassador project is imminent. The February issue of the magazine DRUM, containing the announcement, will be available on 1 February. The digital version and the electronic banner communication to promote the project will be live on on 1 February. More information in your next Porcus.

New look for SA pork logo

SAPPO’s new pink SA pork logo will be launched during the DRUM campaign. More news about this new, exciting consumer-directed logo will follow in Porcus.


New on SAPPO’s info hub

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• Drought survey: Severe crisis conditions in rural areas
• Lessons from Namibia on curbing the spread of foot and mouth disease
• How does disease surveillance work?
• Organic agriculture is going mainstream, but not the way you think it is
• Raising pigs without antibiotics? Plan to ‘sweat the small stuff’
• Rise of ‘megafarms’: How UK agriculture is being sold off and consolidated
• Russia: ASF reduced backyard farms; large farms profit
• No deal Brexit a major concern for the BVA
• Resolution needed to secure UK animal health and welfare says NOAH, after Brexit landmark vote
• ASF Belgium: French panic as ASF virus draws nearer

Look out for our new communication platforms

SAPPO is developing a new digital tool to update producers every week on what happened the past week, not only in the pig environment but also in agriculture, South Africa and in the world in general. We are also starting with an SMS system that will inform producers instantly of urgent matters.

Spotlight on 2019

Brief agricultural outlook for 2019

Agbiz head of Agribusiness Research Wandile Sihlobo has compiled a brief agricultural outlook for 2019. He highlighted the following take-home messages.

• The South African beef sector will be under pressure in 2019 due to rising feed costs, as well as potentially slowing exports on the back of a foot-and-mouth disease outbreak.

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Local prices declining

Average pork prices decreased by 4% since the last week of December. Compared to the same week last year, the average pork price is 5% lower. “Prices of poultry, beef and mutton also decreased. Pork prices may follow the decline in the prices of other livestock to stay competitive,” says Isabel Bröcker, who heads SAPPO’s business intelligence division.

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International pig market outlook does not look rosy

Dr John Strak, editor The Whole Hog

Last year, pig market expert Dr John Strak warned that it was time to be cautious about developments in 2018. Looking back, reality has proved him right – and he’s not overly optimistic for the next 12 months.

As 2018 is only just behind us, I am bound to look back before looking forward to surmising how the global market for pigs and pork may behave in 2019.

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PIC Road Shows 2019
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Topigs Norsvin’s 2019 Africa Pork Event
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