April 2020

Don't underestimate your ability to face the brutal facts and make a plan

It seems that the fight against Covid-19 is going to be a marathon and not a sprint. We will have to adjust to the situation and face the facts. I have learned many lessons from the Listeriosis saga two years ago. One is that we are blessed to have farmers with extensive wisdom and the ability to make plans. We will also get through this. 

Watch Johann Kotzé, SAPPO CEO’s message of inspiration.

Organised agriculture still in regular contact with authorities

Organised agriculture still meets regularly to discuss relevant and practical issues with the department of agriculture, land reform and rural development’s director general about Covid-19. SAPPO’s Johann Kotzé is a member of the committee.

Proff Johan Willemse

What do we know about the future status of our economy?

The economy will shrink by 6 -10% during 2020 and household income and spending will also shrink significantly, resulting in a reset in the food market and the choices consumers will make on food spending, also towards pork and other protein products. The sharp drop in prices of pork is an example.
Read Prof Johan Willemse’s latest column on the economy.

Pressure on marketing remains

Although the delivering of pigs from farms to abattoirs are running smoothly, abattoirs don’t always accept a farmers’ full consignment. Marketing remains under pressure, says SAPPO’s Dr Peter Evans.

Agbiz’ e-newsletters contains valuable information

Agbiz’ e-newsletters contains valuable information about various matters such as Covid-19 and agribusiness. In the latest issue you can read more about what will be allowed under lockdown level 4, the Covid-19 economists group offers valuable resources and the new level 4 lockdown regulations for employers. 

Read latest issue

Here is Agri SA’s updated permit to perform essential services

Agri SA’s updated permit to perform essential services is attached. Please note that the person to whom the permit is issued must at all times present a form of identification together with this permit. If no identification is presented, the person to whom the permit is issued will have to return to his or her place or residence during Alert Level 4.

New trade report well accepted

The World of Pork (WoP)’s new trade report (incorporating import and export figures) were well received by producers and other interested parties, says Isabel Bröcker who heads SAPPO’s Business Intelligence division. Click here for the latest report.

Senwes presented an agri value chain discussion on the meat industry

Johann Kotzé, SAPPO’s CEO, participated in a virtual discussion about the meat industry this week. The panel also included Marthinus Stander, CEO, Country Bird Holdings, Dewald Olivier, CEO, The South African Feedlot Association and Dr Danie Odendaal, founder and director of Veterinarian Network (V-Net). Watch discussion

BDMs remains in contact with small farmers

SAPPO’s business development managers (BDMs) remain in daily contact with their clients to stay in touch with what is happening on the ground. The BDMs made more that 100 calls to small farmers since lockdown. Market uncertainty remains a major challenge for them during lockdown, with some experiencing theft and attempted theft in the name of better prices. Farmers are advised to be cautious of fake marketers trying to take advantage of the current situation, says Kgadi Senyatsi, who heads the division.

CS Vet's Pic of the month

Congratulations to DanBred, which is the winner of last month’s CS Vet’s Pic of the Month. From left are Freddie, Louis, Jurgens Reynders and Werner Kenmuir. (See report below regarding DanBred and Zimbabwe). A cash prize of R500 sponsored by CS Vet, as well as a goody bag from SAPPO, is on its way. Send your entries for our next issue to derick@greenpepper.biz.

SAPPO working from home

The SAPPO staff is working from home during lockdown. We are continuing with all our regular projects and we are constantly designing new plans to do our work in the digital space. The team and the various portfolio committees also regularly meet via Teams. SAPPO is also busy with plans to gradually open the SAPPO office over the next weeks.

Affordable pork on TV next week

SAPPO has partnered with Food Lovers Markets to offer pork at very favourable prices to consumers on television and national radio stations next week. “We welcome Food Lovers’ initiative to lower their pork prices and to offer great value to cash-poor consumers at this stage of the national lockdown,” says SAPPO’s Marieta Human, SAPPO’s marketing manager.

Building on the success of Covid19 consumer education campaigns

Following onto the previous campaigns, which ended last Friday, it was decided to add an interesting extension to SAPPO’S #YesMrPresident campaign on the platforms of You, Drum and Move.  Read more

DanBred contributes to Zimbabwe's pig herd

Zimbabwe recently imported 230 DanBred gilts and boars from South Africa, as part of a US$45 million (about R630 million) EU-funded project to improve the country’s livestock value chain. Read more

Latest Porcus now available on-line

The latest issue of Porcus is available online. Read the latest SAPPO News, BFAP’s market report, lots of news from our input suppliers and what to expect post-Covid-19.
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Harvest outlook impressive and raises hope agriculture sector rebound

Agriculture received some positive news this week. It was the further upward revision to the country’s crops estimates with the South Africa’s Crop Estimates Committee (CEC) pegging the 2019/20 crop 17.52 million tons of grain and oilseed crops, which is up 2.6% from March and 31.3% higher year-on-year (y/y). Paul Makube, Senior Agricultural economist at FNB Agri-Business, explains. Read more

Agbiz announces food relief initiative for needy communities

The most needy in agricultural rural communities will receive food relief under the Agri Value Chain Relief Project, a project initiated and coordinated by the Agricultural Business Chamber (Agbiz) in collaboration with Grain SA. Read more

DanBred contributes to Zimbabwe's pig herdDanBred contributes to Zimbabwe's pig herd

The phased or risk-adjusted approach to lift the current national lockdown is welcome news for the agricultural sector, especially those industries mostly affected by the Covid-19 lockdown, says Dawie Maree, head of Information and Marketing at FNB Agriculture.
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Land Bank’s default risks financial contagion and devastation for agriculture

A Land Bank failure could expose the country to a substantial risk with dire consequences for commercial farmers, job creation and food security and should be avoided at all cost. Nicol Jansen of Agri SA discusses the consequences.
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US plant closures prompt worker safety plea

The extent of the impact of the coronavirus on US meat processing facilities has been highlighted by a workers’ union. According to the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union, more tan 5 000 meatpacking workers have been directly affected by the virus as well as 1 500 for processing workers. Read more

US meat plants ordered to remain open by Trump

US meat processing plants will have to remain open during the coronavirus pandemic under Executive Order from the american President Donald Trump, reported Aidan Fortune of GlobalMeatnews.com yesterday.
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New Zealand to review greenhouse gas emission targets

A request by the New Zealand government to review greenhouse gas reduction targets has been welcomed by the country’s red meat sector.
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Canadian farmers starting to destroy pigs after factories close

A wave of shutdowns at some of North America’s largest meat plants is starting to force hog producers to dispose of their animals.
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Canadian pork industry appeals for government support

Canadian pork farmers are being pushed to the brink by the coronavirus pandemic and are in need of government support, the industry trade body has warned.
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