Red Meat R&D: Lamb and Mutton Quality Audit



Industry Sector: Cattle and Small Stock
Research Focus Area: Animal Products, Quality and Value-adding
Research Institute: Agricultural Research Council – Animal Production Institute
Researcher: Dr Michelle Hope-Jones

Aims Of The Project

1. o measure the instrumental/physical quality (shear force tenderness, water holding capacity/cooking loss, fat and muscle colour, collagen properties, oxidative status (rancidity)), sensory qualities and chemical composition of lamb and mutton rib or loin chops (M. longissimus dorsi) from various retail outlets (including brand names
and generic products).

2.To determine the reasons for variation in quality by chemical, histological, physical and biochemical tests.

3. To use the information from 3.1 and 3.2 to arrive at a list of factors needed to be addressed in research and/or technology transfer to improve meat quality in South Africa.

Executive Summary