Red Meat R&D: Genomic Markers in Beef Tenderness



Industry Sector: Cattle and Small Stock
Research Focus Area: Livestock production with global competitiveness: Breeding, physiology and management
Research Institute: Agricultural Research Council – Animal Production Institute
Researcher: Dr L Frylinck PhD

Aims Of The Project

1. (3.1.1) To determine the expression of genomic markers in five South African purebred genotypes – Bos indicus (Brahman), Sanga type (Nguni), British Bos taurus (Angus), European Bos taurus (Charolais) and the composite (Bonsmara) for genes associated with beef tenderness in meat.

2. (3.1.2) To determine the relationship between the actual physiological tenderness characteristics under South African production and slaughter conditions of the meat from these five main South African genotypes and the known DNA-marker information.

3. (3.1.3) To assess the phenotypic variation in meat tenderness within South African selected pure beef genotypes under the same environmental conditions and to build a tenderness prediction model.

Executive Summary