Red Meat R&D: Crossbreeding effects with specialized sire lines in Afrikaner, Bonsmara and Nguni beef cattle herds



Industry Sector: Cattle and Small Stock
Research Focus Area: Livestock production with global competitiveness: Breeding, physiology and management
Research Institute: Agriculture Research Institute – Animal Production Institute
Researcher: Dr. M Scholtz

Aims Of The Project
1. To estimate the genetic and phenotypic trends in the dam lines.

2. To evaluate crossbreeding systems and quantify the phenotypic progress made in economically important traits in crossbred cattle for beef production.

3. To characterize the additive and non-additive genetic effects for production and health traits in progeny of terminal sires and dam line breeding cows.

4. To validate an existing simulation model for the development of breeding objectives for specialized sire lines on Landrace breed cows for use in small scale and commercial farming that better meet commercial feedlot requirements.

5. To make recommendations with regard to future selection and management of beef herds in warm arid areas.

6. To evaluate alternative production systems in anticipation of global warming

Executive Summary