Processed Food & Beverages SA Trade Directory 2018-2019 (2nd Edition)


In this Processed Food & Beverages SA Trade Directory 2018-2019 (2nd Edition) you will read

  • Foreword

The Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF) is pleased to present the second edition of the Processed Food & Beverages SA Trade Directory — a unique compilation of information on processed food and beverage exports and step-by-step export advice for the South African exporter…

  • Food South Africa

An innovative enabling environment
Food South Africa is a Business Member Organisation providing an engagement platform for the agro-processing sector in South Africa where academia, support agencies, key strategic stakeholders and government can interact with the industry…

  • Introduction

The second edition (2nd) of this magnificent and highly sought after agro-processing handbook is again packed with industry facts, figures and data and is globally in demand with business people, ambassadors, trade and investment promotion agencies, private and public sector stakeholders all waiting to receive the much-improved version from its inaugural publication…

  • Agro-processing Industry in South Africa – An Overview 

The agro-processing industry is among the sectors identified by the Industrial Policy Action Plan (IPAP), the New Growth Path (NGP) and the National Development Plan (NDP) for its potential to spur economic growth and create sustainable employment because of its strong backward linkage with the primary agricultural sector, and forward linkages with retail, wholesale and other value-adding industries…

  • Section 1 Processed Plant Products

  • Section 2 Processed Animal Products

  • Section 3 DAFF step-by-step Export Manual

  • Section 4 Processed Food Trade Service Providers

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