RPO Press Release


24 January 2018

The national Red Meat Producers’ Organisation this week appointed two new Vice Chairmen at its Executive Council meeting in Bloemfontein.

Mr James Faber of the Northern Cape, who used to be second Vice Chairman, is now the first Vice Chairman in the place of Dr Pieter Prinsloo, who was not available for re-election.  Mr Willie Clack from Gauteng has been elected as second Vice Chairman of the organisation.

Mr Koos van der Ryst of the Northern Cape stays on as Chairman of the national RPO.  This position is filled at the Congress, which is presented every two years.  The Executive Council at its meeting adopted a motion of thanks to Dr Pieter Prinsloo for the enormous contribution that he has made, not only towards the RPO, but also towards the meat industry in general. He indicated that due to personal and professional reasons, he is not further available for service on the RPO’s Executive Council, although he remains a valued member of the RPO.

The contact details of the new RPO executive are as follows :-

CEO                                                                 Chairman                                            

Mr GM Schutte                                              Mr Koos van der Ryst

PO Box 132                                                      PO Box 21

Persequor Park                                               Koopmansfontein

0020                                                                  8391

Tel:  012 – 349 1102                                       Fax:  086 635 2602

Fax:  012 – 349 1054                                      Cell:  083 303 7926

Cell:  082 556 7296                                         E-mail:


1st Vice Chairman                                     2nd Vice Chairman

Mr James Faber                                              Mr Willie Clack

PO Box 1000                                                    PO Box 60628

Kimberley                                                         Pierre van Ryneveld

8300                                                                   0045

Cell:  083 292 2556                                         Fax:  012 – 346 2837

E-mail:         Cell:  082 574 2653




Left to right front:  Mr James Faber (1st Vice Chairman); Mr Koos van der Ryst (Chairman);  Mr Gerhard Schutte (CEO)

Back:  Mr Willie Clack (2nd Vice Chairman)