Assignment letters for the provision of Meat Inspection Service at Abattoirs

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The Minister has signed the assignment letters for the provision of meat inspection service at abattoirs on the 19th December 2017, in line with the meat inspection scheme. This therefore means that all abattoirs that are to be serviced by assignees must procure meat inspection service from the listed assignees (see attached list).

Due to the delays in the approval by the Minister, the Department of  Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries has amended deadlines as follows:

  1. Abattoirs to procure meat inspection service from assignees with immediate effect.
  2. Abattoirs that are unable to procure meat inspection service immediately due to contract negotiations, unavailability of meat inspection assignees/personnel (e.g. Poultry), etc., must apply to the PEO to request additional time until 31 March 2018 to procure such a service.
  3. PEOs to submit a report on the implementation of the scheme by 26th January 2018



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