Animal Welfare at the Abattoir – Course Info & Registration 24-26 July 2018 Western Cape

This 2.5 day course is developed in conjunction with IRTA. The aim of the course is to promote knowledge on just and equitable standards of practice, operation and legislation on animal welfare at abattoirs and by raising awareness and value of the processes to the South African and Global Community. The course covers the International Legislation and Guidelines.

The course will improve the following skills & knowledge:

 Interaction between Animal Welfare Officer and the Competent Au-thority

 Animal Welfare form unloading to slaughter

 South African & EU legislation on protection of animals at the time of killing

 Basic procedures for monitoring, controlling & supporting the imple-mentation of Animal Welfare requirements and conditions in slaughterhouses, against legislative requirements

 Assessment of Animal Welfare risks at slaughterhouses

 Animal welfare and Ethics (Ethical logic of Council Reg 1099/2099)

 Scientific basis for proper handling, stunning and killing of animals

 Practical ways of assessing the impact of lairage facilities & han-dling of animal welfare;

 Main stunning and killing techniques (South African & European)


Accredited Training provider—AgriSETA AGRI/c prov/027710

Registered Private FET College—2011/FE07/010


 VPH Officials

 Welfare Officials (Abattoir appointees)

 Meat Inspectors and

 Abattoir Managers

Animal Welfare at The Abattoir (Course Info & registration)

Animal Welfare at The Abattoir 24 – 26 July 2018 – Flyer