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Welcome to our bi-monthly Newsletter

From the desk of Paul

The New Year has started with quite a bang! We started off with two submissions to ITAC and then ran into Foot & Mouth (FMD) in the
Limpopo area. But more on the submissions and FMD in the Newsletter.

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New Strategic Direction

At the AGM the strategic direction for the next 5 years was discussed and a roadmap proposed around key strategic directions.

  1. To be the leading representative body for all stakeholders within the Import and Export of poultry and meat

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ITAC Application on Customers Duties

SAPA brought on an application for an increase in the rate of customs duty on frozen Chicken boneless cuts under the tariff heading 0207.14.1 and bone in portions under the tariff heading 0207.14.9. Amie made a submission that was submitted to ITAC on the 11th of January 2019.

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AMIE Campaign Pledge

The ITAC application threatens our most important stakeholder group – the South African consumer. In order to ensure competitive trade, access to affordable and nutritional protein, and to safeguard the public against partial information, we need to inform the South African public of the facts in the industry. The South African consumer is to be burdened with yet another cost on a very important protein consumed by our population.

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New AGOA Guidelines & Implications

On Friday 1 February 2019, the International Trade Administration Commission (ITAC) published new guidelines on the AGOA rebate. Here are the changes with updates from Donald MacKay from XA International Trade Advisors.

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Foot & Mouth Disease Outbreak

On 7 January 2019, an outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) was confirmed in the Vhembe district of Limpopo Province. According to a report compiled by DAFF: “The outbreak occurred in the high surveillance area of the FMD Free Zone, immediately adjacent to the
protection zone. Animals affected by the outbreak are cattle kept in rural villages with communal dip-tanks and grazing. The affected villages are in close proximity, within a 20-kilometre radius. The estimated number of cattle is 15 000, but more accurate census figures will be compiled soon.”

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Durban Port Issues

Issues relating to the port of Durban seem to be a long-term project requiring many more interventions and engagements between DAFF and AMIE in order to build an optimal solution which would be in the interests of Government and Industry. Late last year DAFF again implemented a randomised sampling at the Ports. DAFF indicated that it instructed all Ports at a very late stage. The randomised sampling was implemented, but there were no proper methodologies circulated which created uncertainty and confusion with members at the Ports. Consequently, other difficulties arose. There were no protocols to determine how lab samples should be treated resulting in inconsistent testing with the provisions of 2011 SOP and 2014 SOP. We will keep our members updated on any progress.

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SAPPO and AMIE Joins Forces To Grow SA Pork Exports

Exports of South African pork products have historically enjoyed only sporadic and limited efforts to develop sustainable potential
export markets. Based on the needs expressed by its members and stakeholders the South African Pork Producers’ Organisation
(SAPPO), under strategic leadership of CEO Johann Kotze and resident veterinarian Peter Evans, is in the process of evaluating
potential alternative markets for expansion internationally. Core team members representing industry include Wantie Burger and
Mike Burger (Lynca Meats) and Henry Shaw from Winelands Pork .

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Meat Importers Stats for December 2018

KEY FEATURES 2017/2018

  • Total imports were 48287 mt, compared to 57395 mt last December (2017) a 12-month average of 60244 mt.
  • Total chicken imports excluding MDM, were 21589 mt compared to a December 2017 figure of 32947 mt and a 12-month average of  31999 mt.
  • Pork ribs were 1458 mt compared to a monthly average of 1709 mt.
  • Bone in chicken cuts were at 16319 mt, the lowest monthly figure of the year.
  • Mutton offal is running at 17.6 % below last year.
  • MDM is down a bit to 14218 mt, with an average of 12875 mt.

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On the Radar

We are going to have an interesting year! In order to keep abreast of all the issues, we have created the radar section. Amie will keep members informed and updated as these issues roll out.

Coming our way in 2019:

  • EU Safeguard discussion – Amie’s standpoint!
  • New veterinary traffic
  • Sunset Revjew
  • Laboratory/ Rejection study

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