AMIE Newsletter August 2019

Association of Meat Importeres & Exporters

Welcome to AMIE’s August Newsletter


One year at the helm and what a year; especially the last six months. However, in saying that, I am optimistic, and the Association is strong as ever. Amie has been dealing with several challenges, such as the SAPA/ITAC proposed tariff increase on Bone-In and Boneless chicken; several issues with DAFF on problems in the KZN ports, Veterinary tariffs, microbiological criteria for raw meat and the draft VPN 52/2018 Standard Operating Procedures on labelling and recently Export certification.

A key objective that I wanted Amie to achieve by the third quarter of my first year at the helm was to commission an independent review of the South African Broiler Industry. The aim behind commissioning the study is an attempt to:

  • Have a well informed, objective and open debate about issues impacting the South African poultry industry and move away from the fabrications that have been peddled by the likes of paid lobby groups such as Fair Play.
  • Assist regulatory authorities with the latest and relevant information as they consider their decision on the tariff application by SAPA.
  • Make a call to Minister Patel to open himself up to engaging the industry over an objective study and to start recognising that we are business citizens who contribute towards food security and the socio-economic wellbeing of the country.
  • Position AMIE as an important player in the formulation of the national poultry strategy. The DTI continues to exclude the importers and exporters section of the industry from government-led forums on the local poultry industry.
  • Assist the Minister and Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development with an objective view of the dynamics impacting on the local poultry industry and trade.

Finally, raise widespread awareness amongst the population and other stakeholders about an issue that is likely to have a devastating impact on the affordability of chicken and potential job losses as a result of the imminent tariffs.
In this issue, you will find updates on the SAPA/ITAC campaign, disease updates, Port issues and many more relevant articles to keep AMIE members up to speed on the latest news and how it impacts the industry.
Once again, I need to thank all our members who have been supporting Amie’s “War Chest”.

The fight continues!

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