Assignment letters for the provision of Meat Inspection Service at Abattoirs

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  The Minister has signed the assignment letters for the provision of meat inspection service at abattoirs on the 19th December 2017, in line with the meat inspection scheme. This therefore means that all abattoirs that are to be serviced by assignees must procure meat inspection service from the listed assignees (see attached list). Due […]

Update on Listeriosis Outbreak in South Africa

National Department of Health

05 January 2017 THIRD UPDATE ON LISTERIOSIS OUTBREAK IN SOUTH AFRICA By Dr Lucia Anelich The NICD has provided the latest update on the listeriosis outbreak in South Africa – attached to this note as at 03 January 2018. In summary:  There are now 717 confirmed cases (550 on 5 December) i.e. 167 more […]